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International Organizations

Some of the Available Research


Meta-Analysis by Arns et al.

Placebo Controlled, In-school Study by Steiner et al.

QEEG-Guided Pilot Study by Arns et al.

Effectiveness of Neurofeedback for ADHD by Lubar et al.

A Position Paper by Sherlin et al.

Neurofeedback for ADHD in Adults by Kaiser


Review of Depression Studies by Yadollahpour et al.

NFB for Depression and Anxiety by Hammond

Placebo-Controlled Study by Choi et al.

A Book Chapter Reviewing NFB and Depression by Walker et al.

Training the Right Amygdala in Depression by Walker and Lawson

Open Label Study by Cheon et al.


Reducing Anxiety in Children with Brain Injuries by Simkin et al.

Treating Separation Anxiety with NFB by Hasemian et al.

QEEG-Guided NFB for Anxiety by Jones et al.

Reducing Anxiety and Depression in Veterans with PTSD by Penniston and Kulkosky

Targeting Contamination Anxiety by Scheinost et al.

QEEEG-Guided NFB for OCD by Hammond

Eating Disorders

NFB for Over Eaters with 3-Month Follow Up by Schmidt and Martin

Treating Anorexia Nervosa with NFB by Lackner et al.

Infra-Slow NFB for Food Addiction by Leong et al.

Review of Literature for NFB and ED by Imperatori et al.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Improving Executive Function in Children with Autism by Kouijzer et al.

QEEG-Guided NFB for Autism Spectrum by Coben

Literature Review in Treating ASD by Holtmann et al.

Behavioral Changes in Children with ASD by Pineda et al.

Improving Social Interactions in ASD by Friedrich et al.

Literature Review for NFB and ASD by Coben et al.

Neurofeedback additions: Text
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