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Nashville Child and Family Wellness Center is uniquely positioned to offer a Comprehensive Assessment Package for those wanting to leave no stone uncovered. After completion, clients are scheduled for a clinical feedback session where they receive a written report integrating all assessment and testing findings.  This provides a great opportunity for family members to ask questions of the entire treatment team, all in one meeting, without having to schedule multiple appointments. 

The Comprehensive Assessment Package includes the following:

  • Psychiatric interview by MD Psychiatrist

  • Psychosocial interview with client and key family members and/or teachers by trained Psychologists and Therapists

  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional brain mapping with quantitative analysis by a board-certified QEEG technician

  • Nutrition assessment by a Registered Dietician

  • Full Cognitive, Academic, and Psychological Testing by a Clinical Psychologist

  • Labs and genetic testing are can also be incorporated using outside clinics who will carry their own charges.

Call for pricing and scheduling information. 

Multidisciplinary Assessment: List
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