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DBT Intake and Enrollment Process: Text

If you are interested in any of our DBT programs, the first step is to complete a New Patient Assessment with an NCFWC provider (waived for existing NCFWC clients seen in the past 12 months). The second step is to schedule a DBT Intake Session. 

The DBT Intake session is a minimum of 50 minutes long and is required:

  • For providers to meet the client, review background information, and assess eligibility and appropriateness for DBT treatment.

  • To provide information about the DBT program so that clients and providers can make an informed decision about the client's participation.

  • To provide a basic overview of the 4 skills modules and how they are delivered at NCFWC. 

  • To increase motivation and hope by describing how the program can work to help adolescents, as well as their family, reach their goals. 

Following this intake session, recommendations will be made by NCFWC, including but not limited to Comprehensive DBT, DBT Group Skills-Only, Parent Behavioral Training, or other treatment services.  Additional sessions may be recommended prior to beginning a DBT Skills Group or Comprehensive DBT. Typically, these sessions focus on further assessment, enhancing motivation and commitment, and addressing other factors that will help clients benefit from DBT participation. These are part of the “pre-treatment" stage.

To start the intake process for either a New Patient Assessment or a DBT Intake, click on the Request for DBT Services button below.

DBT Intake and Enrollment Process: Text
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