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Psychological Examiner

Jennifer Seay is a licensed psychological examiner (L.P.E.) who brings many years of experience in conducting psychoeducational evaluations with children, adolescents, and adults to assist in understanding their learning profiles, as well as their behavioral, emotional, social, and adaptive needs. Jennifer attended Belmont University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. She completed her Master of Counseling Psychology at Trevecca University and soon after became licensed as a psychological examiner. 

Jennifer assisted with the development of The Diagnostic Center at Currey Ingram Academy, where she worked over a span of 17 years as a psychological examiner conducting psychoeducational evaluations with children, adolescents, and adults. In that role, she also served as a co-presenter in various conferences and seminars which focused on educating parents, teachers, psychologists, and learning specialists on topics such as learning disorders, psychoeducational assessment practices and interpretation, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and anxiety disorders. Jennifer has particular interests in working with clients who exhibit characteristics of dyslexia and experience challenges with symptoms related to ADHD and anxiety.

As a mother of a child with learning differences, Jennifer has a passion for assisting parents in understanding their child’s unique learning profile with the goal of identifying supports, accommodations, and interventions that would be most supportive in helping them achieve to their potential. She brings perspectives as both a professional and parent as she educates parents on how to be strong advocates for their child. Jennifer believes in celebrating the strengths of a child while supporting his or her weaknesses in hopes of fostering confidence, mental well-being, and a love for learning.

Licenses and Memberships:

  • Licensed Psychological Examiner

  • American Psychological Association (APA)

Jennifer Seay, LPE: Meet the Team
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